Lawsuit on Behalf of Nevadan Rooftop Solar Homeowners

Martin Little of Jolley Urga Woodbury & Holthus is standing up for the Nevadan solar homeowners facing the unfair new rate schedule and the news is everywhere. With the new rate schedule, solar homeowners are facing an increase in their base rate or service charge and a decrease in the credits they receive for their… Read more »

Las Vegas Review-Journal Reports on Class Action

“Through attorney Martin Little, a complaint and class action lawsuit was filed in District Court in December on behalf of the Demos estate and family that accuses Nevada Department of Veteran Services Administrator Mark McBride of failing to “implement a proper program for the prevention, detection, or control of legionella bacteria and the prevention of… Read more »

Bruce Woodbury Featured in Las Vegas Business Press

“Many have seen his name on maps or posted along the 215, but Bruce Woodbury’s impact on the Las Vegas goes beyond being the visionary behind that beltway around the valley. He’s no longer serving on the Clark County Commission, where he served for a record 28 years. But he’s still practicing law, still engaged in… Read more »